Party Planning 103

Hey All,
As promised, here is our guide for the final countdown to party day! Here are our recommendations on the week before, day before and on the day:

1 week out! Getting exciting now:

  1. Make sure all RSVP’s are in. At this point if someone hasn’t RSVP’d, feel free to use any method of communication to work out if their child is coming or not. Given that the average cost per child of a catered event at a function room is upwards of $20.00 I would absolutely want to know if my child’s friend can make it (call me a cheapskate, but I could spend this $$ on more decorations or party favours). Calling, SMS, Email, Facebook, even checking in at home if you already know where they live.. at an appropriate time of course!
  2. Prep all food and party bags. If you are supplying any foods, the week before is a great time to pre-prepare as much as possible. Party pies, Pasties and sausage rolls can be par-baked and frozen to speed up the process. Cupcakes also can be frozen and stored to be iced the day before the party. Even if you are making a layered cake, you can make a layer a day and freeze it! Just keep it well covered in the freezer to prevent frostbite. This will alleviate a lot of pressure on the morning of the party!

One More SLEEP:

  1. Make sure the camera and video recorder are all charged. One major regret we had with our daughter’s first birthday was not enough footage as the camera had no charge! If you would rather enjoy the day, perhaps enlist a friend or two to take a few photos for you. 
  2. Get everything you need that isn’t perishable into one area. Preferably either in your vehicle (if safe to do so) or by the door. No last minute running around gathering everything together. It’ll make for a smooth transition when it comes time to load the car (if you are having the party at a location which isn’t your home).
  3. If you are making the cake yourself, get it all assembled and iced if using a fondant-style icing. Fondant icings will hold their shape better, and are less prone to drying out. Also, make any fondant decorations you may need for the cake. Also remove any frozen foods you need for the party and allow to defrost overnight. I would recommend allowing to defrost in the fridge where possible
  4. Most importantly; get some sleep! Tomorrow will be a big day for your child!


  1. Pour yourself a big cup of coffee or tea! You’re ready for an amazing day celebrating your child’s birthday with their closest friends and family! (some people frown on wine before 5pm; I maintain that it’s always 5 O’clock somewhere :D)
  2. Finish off any last minute food preparation/baking. Because you were super organised during the week this shouldn’t take too long. 
  3. For a location party, load up the vehicle!

And when the party is in full swing, take a moment to reflect. Not just on how superb your party-planning and throwing skills are, but at the marvel that is your gorgeous child getting that little bit older. The old saying “time flies” definitely applies to our kids.

Much love,


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