Party Planning 102

Hey All,

Here’s part 2 of our guides to planning a party! Our first guide had some great suggestions for when you are starting the party planning process. You can view this post Here.

2-3 weeks before:

  1. Make sure all those invites are out with an RSVP date included. Setting your RSVP date no later than a week in advance will give you enough time to change anything or add in extra places, if the need arises. In today’s tech-savvy lifestyle, providing an SMS option to RSVP is very common. In fact, there are even websites which can be set up to register your RSVP’s via a scanning app. These are great for milestone parties, where there are numerous guests. A popular site for birthday parties is Here.
  2. Any games or crafts you may be organizing, make sure you have everything you need! One of the sure fire ways to stress yourself out on the day is to forget something, and have to go out, or send someone out to grab anything that has been forgotten! If you are planning on playing multiple games or doing multiple crafts, having separate storage options for each is a fantastic way to ensure you have everything you need for each game/craft activity and put your mind at ease that you have everything for each game or craft. Also if you are giving prizes for the games, make sure these are purchased and ready to go. Again you can put these in the separate storage options so that you can be sure you’ve allocated everything you need.
  3. Order the cake! I can honestly say I have never been to a birthday party where there was no cake! As birthday parties become more elaborate affairs, outsourcing the work of a birthday cake is very common. Alternatively if you are making it yourself (power to you!) ensure that you have all the ingredients/decorations etc that you will need now. An idea which has been taking off for those who want to decorate a cake without the labor of making it is to do a cake-hack. Purchasing pre-made cakes from places such as Woolworths or Coles and doing decorations and icing at home can prove a cost-effective solution and still allow for some creative decorations. We have a variety of Cake Images for purchase which will help you with any cake decorating! Just click here to browse our designs.


Our next blog post will be giving you some more helpful hints for the week before, day before and of course PARTY DAY!


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